Detailed Features

Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
Membership Management
Optional Primary / Secondary Account relationship
Custom data fields - unlimited data fields
Clients at Risk Reporting
Membership Analytics (Churn/Active/Paused/Cancelled)
Fully Exportable Data
Admin Membership Dashboard
Contract Dashboard
Customizable membership levels
Invoice statistics
Multi-Division/Tenant Support
Contract Support
Digital Contract Support
Unlimited Contract Templates
Digital Signatures
Gallery Management
Facial Recognition Using A.I
Private Galleries
Social Media Exporter
E-mail Notification
Expenses & Income
Detailed Financial Reporting
Flexible Expense Tracker
Expense Category Tracking
Automated Notifications
Customizable Message Templates
Mass User Communication
SMS Messaging
Customizable Mailing Lists
Resource Management
Custom Resources (Eg. Vehicle/Buildings)
Vin Lookup
Resource Rentals / Appointment Booking
Resource Expense Tracking
Resource Bill of Sale
Customizable Resource Fields
Invoice Management
Customizable E-mail notifications
Invoice Categories
Quickly identify late invoices
Token based invoices - Allow payment without login
Automatic Invoicing - Turn on automatic invoices by account
Full export functions
Automatic invoice generation for gradings
Calendar Management
Add Custom Calendar Events
Set User or Owner Calendar Events
Attendance system Hooks
Day Closures override Class Times
Payment Processing
Credit Card Processing
Automatic Credit Card Billing
PCI Compliance
Customizable Payment Notification E-mails
Customize Sign-up forms for desired payment methods
Alternate payment processor support can be integrated
Attendance Management / Sign-in
Customized Sign-in Page
Vanity Sub-Domain for Signin
Use your own domain:
Manual Attendance
Page for Members
Customizable Sign-In Logics, and Classes
Full attendance reporting
Punch Card Support
Rank Management System
Sign-Up/Lead Forms
Customizable Look and Feel
Easy Website Integration
Custom field support
Primary / Secondary Sign-up
Invoice templates
Multiple Tenant/Division
Landing Page - Easy to use page staff/customers sign-up.
Rank/Grading Management
Customizable Rank Levels
Mass Grading Invites
Custom Invitation E-mail Notification
Grading Requirements
Easily visualize Grading
Automatic invoicing for grading
Configure seperate invoice template for each rank
Smart ranking order
Mass Promotion system
Rank progress-Members View
Multi Club Support
Split into Logical Clubs/Locations
Club/Client Statistics
File Storage
Allows you to securely manage files
Share files with members
Member file portal
Class Management System
Enrollment System - Enroll students
Class Creation / Management - Complete Flexibility
Staff - Check-in Students by Enrolled Class
Support many or one enrolled class
Members Portal
Pay / Manage Invoices
Manage Payment Options
View associated memberships
Rank Progress
Attendance Analytics
View Event/Class Calendar
Website Integration Support
Transition Support
Credit Card processing assistance
System Training Session
Devlopment Roadmap Insight
Devlopment Roadmap Votes - Help shape what we release
1 Vote/Month
5 Votes/Month
Account Limits
Members Supported
1-50 Members
50-200 Members
200-1000 Members
Clubs Supported
1-2 Clubs
1-10 Clubs
1-20 Clubs
Admin Accounts
1 Account
5 Accounts
File Manager Space *Extra @ $10/month per 10GB*
1 GB
2 GB
5 GB
Contract Length
First Month Free
First Month Free
First Month Free
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