Actionable Analytics

Being able to receive relevant data in the context specific to your business needs can make the difference between a successful club and an unsuccessful one. Increasing competition and costs will motivate you to adopt more prescriptive analytics, making business decisions smarter and more repeatable and reducing personnel costs.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure"

Take advantage of our reporting suite to change the way you do business, continued enhancements in reporting and technology keep your business on the cutting-edge.

Reporting Features

Financial Reporting

Easily track expenses, calculate taxes and simplify your financial transactions with auto-payment integration.

Churn Reporting

Track your membership's retention year over year, help make business decisions.

Attendance Reporting

What classes are popular, how much time is my membership, whos at risk of leaving? All questions that can be answered.

Google Analystics

Intigration support for Google Analytics, gain detailed information how your membership is using your site.