Rank Management

Depending on your club, team, or business Rank Management can be an option you find useful. Taking the guess work out of managing your ranks, and allowing you to customize what you consider a rank.

Make ranks operate how you want them to

In some sports, not managing ranks properly can result in a membership that is not engaged. Forget an anniversary or grading and your membership can grow disconnected and jaded. Don't let that happen.

Skill & Belt Tracking

Test Registration

Quickly see all students who are eligible for testing and register them for an upcoming promotional test. Include key details such as test date, registration fees,and automatic invoice generation.

Uniform & Belt Sizes

Record a student’s belt and uniform size on their profile. Anytime students are up for testing, you’ll know all the belt and uniforms, grouped by size that you’ll need to order in preparation for the test.

Adjust to Your Needs

The flexibility of our software allows you to track what matters to you, perhaps it's not belts but positions, or ranks. Customize to your needs.